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Stock Market Analysis: 10/17/08

Also a lot of boutiques near me s went through reactions yesterday as predicted in my seminar. Skypeople (SPU) – Skypeople (SPU) is gapping up by 8% today after rallying off $8 yesterday. Morgan Stanley MS earnings were in line and that stock was up over 10% today at one point. It got dumped more than 40% from IPO high and subsequently took off after earnings surprise. A recent earnings news lead to the start of this move and stock is already up 90% from low. I start looking at these stocks once they drop 40% from 52 week high. In addition to the stocks adding ETF that are down 40% plus from high will allow you to find ETF near their trend start. The absolute fantastic thing about this is that it reduces the market down to 200 quality stocks and puts them in a list that prunes itself so you don’t have to weed them out on your own.


All they are interested in is making money in the event the market moves to their advantage. Why are these stocks showing up in this scan? stocks often bounce back once they get cut down in to 40% level, so in addition to scan you need to maintain a database . Maybe Jack Ma has made a lot of enemies but they certainly did need and do need to calm down the debt situation in China. While that kind of situation is good , it seldom leads to explosive multi month move. Comment above: I know the market has been quite volatile of late, but I’ve been taking a beating with using this system over the last month. But the romance does not last and ultimately there are heart breaks and negative surprises. I plan to buy SHZ the next time it breaks $3.75. I’ve decided to actually do a case study, or challenge so to speak, where I buy 100 of these types of stocks in a simulator to test and refine this strategy for my own purposes. At low expectations level they are neglected and at high expectations level everyone wants to buy them.


Similarly, on the larger end, there will come a factor when an excessive amount of purchasing has made the inventory high priced. A Model Y is priced below a NIO EC6. The SEC, which had convened a late-night commission meeting Thursday to consider several items, said in a statement early Friday morning it is halting short selling on 799 financial stocks. If you are looking for good short candidates do reverse of this and track stocks up say 500% plus. Sooner or later in next one year they will become good short candidates as the old darlings are dumped for the next young and pretty thing. The big explosive multi year turnaround happens on the most neglected and stocks with big problem and negative outlook that manage to turnaround. For low expectation or negative expectations they move to extremely high expectation or darling status. The scan gives you stocks that have gone down at least 40% from their one year high and that have last 3 days volume above 30000 for each of the day. ● stocks that double substantially outperform the following year 53% of the time. If you do this religiously, you will find 5 to 6 good ideas in a year that will double or triple once catalyst comes in.