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Stock Market Analysis: 09/30/09

Maybe you’re satisfied that you made the best investment of all time and you don’t require to watch it. Well the business plan is much bigger than the $25 thousand in what I’m working on with Carson Investment Services LLC. For Carson Investment Services LLC to become successful, there are somethings that need to be accomplished. The concept is that either small businesses and individuals can sign up for our lending services. This plan that I’m putting together will be for small businesses and individuals for a new kind of resource. Equipment will be needed and hiring to pay for employees, utilities and etc. About the campaign purposes in what it will do for small businesses and individuals. Lightbridge 12 month forecast target price is $126 dollars as will be researching the news articles on these three trendy boutique s. The second item in the news is that the jobless claims have went down below 1 million and have been tracking the percentage on recoveries from the Coronavirus.


The combination of this bad news with the stock market’s ebullience makes it tough not to think that it actively delights in human suffering. In theory the stock division should not have any effect on the value of the stock, it should be a neutral event. As the Top Volume was mostly traded with penny stocks like Asiaphos, IEV, BlackGoldNatural, Chasen, etc..I saw something in the background which is my favorite stock, Metro. I like what I saw in its two high profile assets and went digging a little further. Well the experimentation had gained a little over $200 hundred dollars and has hit another new time high of $108,553.31. Right now there is one analysis bid on Fuwei Films 12 month target of $48 dollars a share as well check to see if there are anymore of them. There is one 12 month price target for Ocean Power Technologies of $1,200, but will check to see if there are more of them.